Accelerated Possession Order

When a tenant has not vacated a property on the day specified in the Section 21 Notice you need to apply for a Possession Order.

You can use the Court's Accelerated Possession procedure to evict a tenant if you have:

  • an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
  • you have told your tenant to move out in writing with at least 3 months' notice, and
  • your tenant has not left by the date specified in your Section 21 Notice,
  • and you are not claiming rent arrears.

There is usually no court hearing. You can ask the Judge to make your tenant pay the cost of the court claim.

You can apply to the court online through Possession Claim Online (PCOL) or by completing the N5B Claim Form for Possession of Property (Accelerated Procedure) (Assured Shorthold Tenancy).

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