What are accounts receivable?

Money owed to a business by its customers is shown on its balance sheet as an asset and given the title of accounts receivable. Accounts receivable are rightly seen today as one of a business's riskiest assets.

They are a business's hidden debt and a debt is worth little or nothing unless it is turned into a judgment, preventing a year-on-year increase of this risky asset on your balance sheet.

Securing accounts receivable

A debt is worth nothing, get paid or get judgment.

Our pre-action® ADR® service secures and retrieves outstanding monies and accounts.

Pre-action® ADR® is the intelligent service in support of accounts receivable, from initial Letter of Claim through to post court judgment enforcement where required. A new approach to an age old problem.

Our pre-action® ADR® service benefits to you include:

  • dedicated member site for direct and immediate registration of debts
  • non-payers and their advisors directed to website for paperless communication and payment
  • improved collection rates
  • protection of brand
  • protection of customer loyalty and personal credit ratings, where appropriate
  • move your business from management of debt to management of your customers
  • enable management within your business to support retention of all high and medium value customers in collections
  • quality decision making information in a structured format
  • ability to drive discussions

Remember, the longer an account remains unpaid the greater the chance it may never be paid.

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