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Whether you are wanting to recover money you are owed, financial recompense for money you have spent to put something right or to settle a dispute if the other party is resident or trading in the United Kingdom (UK) MoneyClaimsUK can help.

Serving claimants from around the world

In the courts of England and Wales self representing claimants are now referred to as a Litigant in Person.

We fully support you as a Litigant in Person, our proportionate pre-action® ADR® service carries you through the entire process from letter before action, letter of claim, notice of intent, pre-court preparation, the small claims court and where needed post-judgment enforcement.

All documents are printed and posted here in England, with online 24/7 access to your claim.

Pre-action Protocol (PAP) and Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) legislation

Where you have to issue a court claim the pre-action® ADR® team, having ensured you have complied with and fulfilled your pre-court obligatons, remain with you all the way through making your claim every step of the way.

On April 1st 2013 the issue of proportionality was placed on the same footing as dealing with cases justly and Civil Procedure Rule 1.1 was amended to reflect this. Now cases must be dealt with justly and at proportionate cost.

In the role of neutral third party we communicate a number of times with the defendant(s) under pre-action protocol asking for payment or a written defence of your claim.

Online Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The process incorporates the most cost effective proportionate Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service available to Litigants in Person (self-represented litigants). It is recommended for all money claims from £200 to £25,000, where they would be expected to be allocated to the small claims track or fast track of the County Court.

Our technology platform enables you and the defendant to communicate online while attempting to reach settlement.

Preparing Litigants in Person

Our copyright documentation ensures you adhere to Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and Practice Direction while following Pre-Action Protocol (PAP). It ensures you meet your obligations for the letter of claim, standard disclosure, the making of offers and the generation of your final Notice of Intent.

At every stage it is the claimant's responsibility to tell the Court how they wish to proceed with their claim. The Court cannot act of its own accord.

Where Court is unavoidable

Where the defendant will not reach agreement or respond - unlike other money claim online services -
the pre-action® ADR® team are with you all the way through your money claim so:

If the defendant fails to agree settlement the service generates your N1 claim form, joint evidence pack (JEP®) and our statement of truth (statement of service) in support of your claim ready for you to send to the court, and guides you through the process.

If the defendant settles after you issue proceedings the service generates your discontinuance letter and guides you through the process.

If the defendant fails to file an acknowledgment of service within the time specified, or files an acknowledgment but fails to file a defence of the claim within the specified time the service can generate your request for default judgment for the court, and guides you through the process.

If you think the defendant's defence is not valid the service can generate your request for summary judgment for the court, and guides you through the process.

If you want to file a "Reply to the Defence" the service will guide you through presenting your reply.

If the defendant fails to pay the County Court Judgment order the service can manage the transfer of your judgment to a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) for pro-active enforcement.

All monies recovered paid direct to you, no commission, no hidden fees.

The most effective tool available to Litigants in Person (self-represented litigants) today!

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