Tracing service

How can I get help finding someone who has "gone away"?

Each year thousands of people abscond and businesses move on without giving any forwarding information, leaving unpaid creditors and owing millions of pounds in unpaid debts. Whether large or small, companies cannot afford to simply write off debts that their clients are refusing to pay.

Even though more and more information is available in the public domain today, there is no substitute for the expertise of a professional tracing agent, don't let your debtors disappear with your money.

What can a tracing agent do that I can't?

Effective tracing is a blend of an art and a science. Tracing agents have access to extensive databases including government records and credit bureau files.

Even if the debtors are highly evasive or there is a lack of information tracing agents are devotees to the art of tracing people and a skilled agent will locate even the most elusive of individuals and "gone aways".

What does the law say about methods of finding a debtor?

When you hire the services of professional tracing agents you are making sure that methods they use are both ethical and legal. Most experienced tracing agents in England and Wales are members of relevant professional associations, look especially for the Credit Services Association membership if you are seeking debtor tracing and above all Data Protection compliance.

What are the relevant laws and regulations I need to be aware of?

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